Adnan Syed: Guilty or Not Guilty

This murder case has been one of the most enjoyable thing I have listened to in a long time. The attention that this case got because of the podcast reminds me of the OJ Simpson trial but maybe not to that extent. I have enjoyed doing some secondary research on this case to see what other people think about this case and if he is guilty or not. For me though, I was convinced that Adnan was guilty was soon as I heard that first press conference recording with Adnan’s friend Jay who was apparently with him when he buried the body.  But digging a little deeper in the secondary research I came across an article on that made me rethink my decision on Adnan and if he is guilty or not.

Serial adnan


In the article, the first little bold subtitle is “Lividity Doesn’t Lie”. So if you’re like me and have no idea what “Lividity” means then you’re in luck because the writer (Amelia McDonell-Parry) provides us with a definition. “Lividity is the process by which blood settles in a body once the heart has stopped pumping and gravity takes over. Simply put, the lowest point in the body is where the blood will settle. About two to four hours after death, lividity is partially fixed, so if a body had been, say, resting on its left side for four hours after death, and then flipped onto its right side, a lividity pattern will remain on the left side of the body, while the rest of the blood pools on the right side. However, eight to 12 hours after death, lividity is fixed; if a body had lain on its left side for 14 hours after death, and then was flipped onto its right side, the lividity pattern would remain entirely on the left side. Lividity, along with rigor mortis, is often used to determine time of death.”. But Lividity can be hard to determine at times, this could be due to a large amount of blood that has been lost when the person died.

What we know about Hae Min Lee and her death is that she was strangled to death. Some information that is still unclear in this case is when the it occurred and who was the one that did it. When the autopsy was done on the body it was determined she had frontal lividity, which means for a minimum 6 hours she was lying on her stomach when she was murdered. This is actually a very important discovery because this proves that there is no way Hae Min Lee was lying on her side in the trunk of the car. If she was it would’ve changed her lividity to the side of her body not the front of her body. This raises a couple questions about the case. This is because the way how the night went doesn’t add up now. She would’ve had to have been left lying on her stomach for 6 hours, then put into the trunk of the car to take her to be buried. If Adnan had buried her at 7 pm then the time of her death would be different. In murder cases all it can take is one little detail to change the whole trial and if this fact was brought up in the trial then maybe Adnan would’ve been found not guilty.not guilty

With cases like these when the boyfriend get mad at his girlfriend we tend to always blame the boyfriend because they tend to be more aggressive than the girlfriend. That’s why when hearing the back story of the case I couldn’t help but think that he is guilty. Plus to add on to it all of the stories from the news conferences were making it obvious that Adnan did it and there wasn’t enough evidence to prove that he didn’t do it. But after reading that article on it changed my mind about this whole case. I think that Adnan should get a retrial because this information wasn’t brought up during the trial and it could change the juries decision of Adnan being guilty. My final decision is that Adnan isn’t guilty for the murder of Hae Min Lee.

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The Future of Reading

Serial is one of the first podcasts I fully listened to personally, and I can honestly say that I enjoyed listening to it. I have listened to music podcasts but this is the first non-music podcast that I have fully listened to. Usually with assignments like these where we have to listen or read a lengthy article I have a hard time getting into it. But with Serial I had no trouble getting into it.serial

I really enjoyed listening to the Serial podcast. It was a nice change in pace for me, I am used to reading just books or watching movies, listening to a podcast was like a breath of fresh air for me. Serial is about this murder case that took place and this lady, Sarah Koenig that is hosting the podcast made it exciting for me to listen to. The way Koenig is doing the podcast the listener is able to make their own opinion on who committed the murder. This is because she is almost doing it like a news report, interviewing people and presenting facts of the case to the listener for them to be able to make their own decision. When listening to other snip-its of other podcasts I always got the impression that they were boring and not fun to listen to. But when listening to Serial I was engaged and excited about listening to it. It was if time was flying by when listening to Serial, it didn’t feel like I was sitting here listening to it for almost an hour.

Having the investigation in this format makes it easier for the listener. Especially if they are on the go constantly they can download the podcast onto their phone and can listen to it on the way to work or when they go to the gym. A podcast is a much more convenient way of hearing information. Like I said at the beginning I listen to music podcasts and there are many other different types of podcasts, so I think that podcasts are going to be the future for news articles and stuff like that. But a lot of it has to do with the narrator as well. Sarah Koenig did an amazing job, she was treating this podcast almost as if it was a news segment on television. It made it fun for me to listen to and enjoy. After listening to Serial I can say that I will be looking for more podcasts like this one in the future. earbuds

A murder case is always a touchy subject especially for the victim’s family. I don’t think the victim’s family is to happy about this podcast becoming popular because I’m sure they don’t want the constant memory of this event. If it is becoming popular people will probably be approaching the family and asking them questions which they probably don’t want either. The podcast is also allowing the listeners to make judgmental comments about the family and they don’t need that happening to them after losing a child. I think that investigative journalism is an effective format but it can come at price for some people telling them something they don’t want to hear or in this case the constant reminder of the death of their child.

Personally I am not a fan of reading so listening to this podcast was an enjoyable experience for me. Like I mentioned before a benefit of having the text in this format makes is easy and accessible for the listener. You can take the podcast on the go with you and listen to it wherever you are. A podcast allows the reader to easily connect to what the narrator is talking about because the listener doesn’t have to try and imagine no bookseverything in their head. Instead the narrator in a podcast paints a picture for you and most of the time he/she isn’t the only voice you hear. Often they will bring in other people to talk on the podcast. For example on Serial Koenig interviewed people about the murder and she included those interviews in the podcast. But  the thing with podcasts if you want to go back and find a key point in the podcast you are going to have to rewind and try and find it. It is hard to be precise while rewinding as well so often I try to find the general area that I remember hearing the key point. But you could pause it as soon as you hear it, write down the time and come back to it later. I personally think that podcasts are better than books overall.

Koenig opens the podcast by discussing the challenges of memory. I find it is hard to try and remember everything that happened on a certain day from a while ago. The days that I remember from a long time ago are the days that something important that happened in my life that I will remember forever. But you can only pull from certain parts and not everything exactly that happened on that day. This makes it hard for the listener to believe that everything that is being said is true. Often when people don’t remember something they will make something up on the spot, then another person who was at the same spot in time tells another story it gets confusing. This raises the concern for the rest of the podcast episodes. If she is relying on the memory of these teenagers it is going to be hard to follow along and hear about what really happened in this murder case.

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It’s All About the Man

I have finished reading Lullabies for Little Criminals and I can honestly say that i was one of the better books I have read. The novel is about this girl named Baby who goes through a lot for a girl who is still every young. But like most good books it ends off with a positive ending in her life. The two characters the story revolves mainly are Baby and her father Jules, who isn’t the greatest father. Throughout the book Baby is trying to make betterfeminism1 with her life but instead she is perceived in a typical women role and because of that no one believes in her due to her gender. As I got deeper and deeper into the book feminism was starting to play a bigger role in the story line.  Baby is being seen in two roles that are considered “typical” for a woman. She is seen as a servant and a sex object. Baby is still valued as a human don’t get me wrong, but she is valued at a low level with the two main influences in her life being men she is taken advantage of time and time again.

You don’t have to be an expert to see the Jules is not a good father for Baby. constantly being in and out of rehab, moving from apartment to apartment, going from job to job. But overall Jules was absent for most of Baby’s childhood whether it was being in rehab or off doing drugs. But the worst part out of all of this is that Jules sees his daughter as if she was his own personal assistant. Jules was always telling Baby what to do. Now even though that is technically what parents do like telling their kids to clean up their room or something. But he was doing it in a very negative way. In the novel it says “Why don’t you wash these dishes!” he screamed at me[…] You try and talk to me like that to impress your friends. You want to look down on me! […] You disgust me.” (O’Neill 99) Jules isn’t seeing his daughter as he should, he isn’t viewing her as his young girl that need his love and attention. But instead he is viewing her as a bag of luggage that he has to talk with him everywhere he goes. Jules takes advantage of his daughter because he knows he has all the power over her and she can’t defend herself from her own father. Unfortunately Baby is now viewed as a ‘housewife’ in her very young age, which isn’t right for a woman of any age especially if they want to be something more.

Throughout the book Baby also got involved with a guy named Alphonse. Alphonse is a well known pimp in Montreal and he has a way to persuade women to come and work for him. The way Alphonse is keeping Baby on his ‘team’ is by constantly buying her gifts. Alphonse believes that if he keeps giving her gifts that she will just be like putty in his hands. Alphonse says ” I think that you should trust me. I got a nice place and you’ve alwfeminism2ays got a place to come to if you need some time to get away from things.” (O’Neill 161). Baby is being treat as an item that can be bought into doing things of his pleasure. As their relationship starts to build Alphonse starts to make Baby do some negative activities that she isn’t comfortable with. Activities that include doing drugs and drinking alcohol, it is due to Alphonse’s negative influence on Baby is what turns her into a prostitute. The most difficult part about this is, is that Baby is only 12 years old! This just simply isn’t right, she is just to young and naive that people are taking advantage of her in multiple different ways and in this case it is in the form of making money. Alphonse is treating Baby as a sex object and is taking advantage of her gender and how young she is. He keeps her happy by constantly giving her gifts to distract her from what is really going on.

The image of the women in this book is that they as a gender are seen as objects that are placed in stereotypical roles. Throughout the book Baby is treated as if her thoughts and values aren’t respected. Now everything she does is influenced by two males that have don’t have Baby’s interests at heart. As the story goes on and on it is quite easy to see that women characters are viewed as ‘objects’ that can easily persuaded into doing anything the man wants. The book shows the typical roles that women are usually placed in by diminishing their power as a person.

Chris Froussios

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The Hero

A hero can be a character who may seem like a villain but they are doing their best to try and help the main character. Jules is that character in this book. Yes, now you are thinking like “this guy doesn’t know what he is talking about.”. Just hear me out, what we have seen from Jules in his book is that he has a terrible addiction to heroin and this has been a prettthe_rehab_processy big driving factor in his life. Basically his life has been him and his daughter, which is Baby,  going around doing drug deals to make ends meet. Ever since Jules got hooked on heroin his life has just been going on a steep decline. This lifestyle has gotten Baby and him evicted from many apartments forcing them to constantly move and Baby not being able to make friends for long periods of time. Finally Jules decided to make right with his life and go into rehab to get clean from the drug. But doing this forced Baby to go into the foster home without parents until Jules was deemed eligible to be released. But by Jules putting himself into rehab it was showing Baby that he wants to make things right in his life again.

Once Jules was released from rehab he was essentially forced to change his whole lifestyle. Now that we wasn’t on the drug he had a shorter temper which is quite common with people who are suffering from withdrawal from a drug. This can’t be easily controlled as these outburst of anger can happen at random for Jules. These outbursts of anger towards Baby make him seem like a terrible father figure to Baby but it is not his fault, like I said he can’t control his emotions in this time of his life. But Jules was showing more signs of improvement when he decided to get a job so he could have some passionmoney coming in to support Baby and himself. Baby even said “Poor Jules was under a lot of stress. […] we were living off little money he had stashed away in a bank account. He was constantly terrified of spending it all.” (O’Neill, 116). It wasn’t easy for Jules to find work because he had no education and considering his background with drugs not many places are looking to hire a guy like Jules unfortunately. But at least Jules was making an effort to try and stop this downward spiral that is happening in both Baby’s and his life. This attempt to improve their life is what makes Jules Baby’s hero.

Still on their path to improvement in their life, Jules and Baby moved into a new apartment when Jules got out of rehab. Even though things seemed to be getting better Baby knew that everything wasn’t fully right with her father. “But I knew it wasn’t just me because he was on bad terms with the rest of the world too.” (O’Neill, 93) Baby knew that this was going to be tough for her father after going that long of constantly using the drug, it would be tough for anyone. But since we have been given this picture of this heavy drug user that is Jules he is seen as a negative character in Baby’s life. But when Jules isn’t having one of his anger outbursts he tries to express his love he has towards his daughter in weird but cute ways. “We opened the kitchen door and he had his arms spread out, as if to say, Surprise! […] He’d heated up a couple cans of Chef Boyardee, but he had gone to light a dozen and sticks them in bottles around the kitchen, in order to make the whole affair seem fancy. […] For about five minutes I was happy.” (O’Neill, 98) people might say that Jules has no love towards his daughter but I think that he loves er more than anything else in his life and that’s why he is trying to change.

Jules’ uncontrollable anger can draw people’s attention away from the fact that he really loves his daughter and that’s why people will think I’m crazy for saying that Jules is Baby’s hero. But his attempt to try and make things better in their life shows Baby that good things are to come, that is why Jules is Baby’s hero.

Chris Froussios


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Reader Response Criticism

After reading the first section of Lullabies for Little Criminals by Heather O’Neill, I was a little surprised because I was expecting something a little different. I was expecting the book to be about this group of kids who constantly get themselves in trouble. Instead the book revolves around this girl named Baby. Baby is motherless and living with her dad Jules who is addicted to heroin. Jules was put into rehab to help solve his addiction, but doing this forced Baby to go into a foster home. There Baby meets lots of interesting people. Being a reader of this novel I find it a little hard to connect to the book because when I am reading a book I want to connect to the book on a personal level. Unfortunately I can’t do that this with this book because I haven’t experienced anything even relatively close to what is happening to Baby and her family. But there are families out there they do experience these struggles and it is really eye opening for me.

Throughout the next section of the book I am thinking that something life changing will happen in Baby’s life. I think it will come through the likes of  her father Jules. The way the book is going at this point it seems like this is the type of book to haveheroin something big and tragic happen in it. I think that Jules’ will eventually pass away due to his drug addiction. The reason I think Baby’s father will pass away from his drug addiction to heroin because he was placed in rehab which means that he isn’t getting any better. As Baby grows up she starts to learn about her father’s addiction to “chocolate milk” (O’Niell 18) which is the street name for heroin. I start to wonder at this point in Jules’ addiction to heroin maybe that the only way to save him so Baby won’t end up motherless and fatherless. I think that Baby needs to take to her dad about his addiction and maybe with his daughter telling him that he needs to fix his life or it will be over. Usually when advice like this comes from a person’s immediate family, it makes the person in need of help (in this case Jules) stop and rethink what they are doing with their life.  Now that Baby is starting to learn about her father’s addiction she will realize that she needs to play a role in his life to help him.

Some of the mental images of the characters are easy to create in my head because just based on the setting and plot of the story. Most of these people we are meeting at the foster home are kids brought up from tough homes and have had family issues. Most of foster-childrenthem you can picture, all are very scared and clinging on to something that would remind them of the good times in their life. “Every new kid who showed up at the foster home had a few personal things that they were clinging on to.” (O’Niell 27). I find it personally easy to picture these types of characters because through my time of watching movies, television and reading books this is how they are portrayed in all those fields. Now I might not if this is entirely true because I have never been to a foster home or really ever met someone that lives in one. So all the assumptions I am making are purely based on my knowledge that I have gained from watching television, movies and from reading books like these.

 Just reading through the first section of this book I am starting to get a bit of an idea of what kind of person Heather O’Niell is. The way she is writing this book is almost like this was her as a child. The reason I am thinking like this is because the way the book is going it just seems way to detailed to me. If I am right about how Baby actually represents Heather then I feel really about about how her childhood. Well anyone really who has to go through a childhood like that. I couldn’t imagine having to go grow up without a mom and having a dad that is addicted to drugs. I do realize that there are families who are facing these challenges and I wish there was something I could do to help. But hopefully someone reading this book who might be in the same situation or approaching the same situation as Baby can realize what will happen to there family if they continue down the same path. So hopefully reading this book will help them.

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Is Grade 12 University English Necessary?

Being a senior high school student I know on a personal level how tough it can be to plan your courses for grade 12 and even grade 11 depending on what you want to go into in post-secondary. But one the one that is automatically on your timetable is English.

When I first saw read the question “should grade 12 university English be a required course to be able to apply to university? ” It really made start to think, is it really necessary?

Reading the question really made me think because we have been told throughout high school that English is the one and only course must take all four years in order to graduate. But the reason they do that is so that all students can get into base courses in university. So, I have concluded that completing the grade 12 university English credit is necessary to be able to get into university courses.

Throughout high school students are being taught how to communicate properly within their courses they take. For example, in mathematics students are taught to always line up the equal signs vertically and to never have more than one eqbook-headual sign in an equation. In science, you are taught how to properly write formula reports, and in careers students are taught on how to construct a resume. In the English course through grade 9-12 students are taught how to properly write an essay, gather information from text and how to cite it properly. The skills that a student will learn in English will stay with them for whatever career path they decide to go down in the future.

The skills that is emphasized the most in the grade 12 English course is communication. If you have strong communication skills, you are already on the right foot on being successful in your University course.

For me on personal level getting my grade 12 English credit is necessary because I would like pursue a career in business. In the business world being able to communicate with my co-workers which is a crucial part of the business world. If you can communicate well with others you are going to build strong connections within the business world and that has proven to be super effective to successful. Another aspect is being able to write a business report for your company. Then when it comes to writing the business reports for you can apply the skills that you gained from the English curriculum for writing essays and apply some of those techniques to your report. But no matter what you decide to go into in post-secondary education, having that grade 12 English credit is going to be an important asset to being successful in post-secondary and in your job/career to decide to go into.

So successfully completing the grade 12 English credit will be extremely helpful in your overall development as a student but it will also give me access into university.

To sum everything up I believe that it is necessary to take grade 12 university English for students looking to go into post-secondary. Taking the course will provide the students with all the skills and information that are necessary for students to have in post-secondary.