This murder case has been one of the most enjoyable thing I have listened to in a long time. The attention that this case got because of the podcast reminds me of the OJ Simpson trial but maybe not to that extent. I have enjoyed doing some secondary research on this case to see what other people think about this case and if he is guilty or not. For me though, I was convinced that Adnan was guilty was soon as I heard that first press conference recording with Adnan’s friend Jay who was apparently with him when he buried the body.  But digging a little deeper in the secondary research I came across an article on that made me rethink my decision on Adnan and if he is guilty or not.

Serial adnan


In the article, the first little bold subtitle is “Lividity Doesn’t Lie”. So if you’re like me and have no idea what “Lividity” means then you’re in luck because the writer (Amelia McDonell-Parry) provides us with a definition. “Lividity is the process by which blood settles in a body once the heart has stopped pumping and gravity takes over. Simply put, the lowest point in the body is where the blood will settle. About two to four hours after death, lividity is partially fixed, so if a body had been, say, resting on its left side for four hours after death, and then flipped onto its right side, a lividity pattern will remain on the left side of the body, while the rest of the blood pools on the right side. However, eight to 12 hours after death, lividity is fixed; if a body had lain on its left side for 14 hours after death, and then was flipped onto its right side, the lividity pattern would remain entirely on the left side. Lividity, along with rigor mortis, is often used to determine time of death.”. But Lividity can be hard to determine at times, this could be due to a large amount of blood that has been lost when the person died.

What we know about Hae Min Lee and her death is that she was strangled to death. Some information that is still unclear in this case is when the it occurred and who was the one that did it. When the autopsy was done on the body it was determined she had frontal lividity, which means for a minimum 6 hours she was lying on her stomach when she was murdered. This is actually a very important discovery because this proves that there is no way Hae Min Lee was lying on her side in the trunk of the car. If she was it would’ve changed her lividity to the side of her body not the front of her body. This raises a couple questions about the case. This is because the way how the night went doesn’t add up now. She would’ve had to have been left lying on her stomach for 6 hours, then put into the trunk of the car to take her to be buried. If Adnan had buried her at 7 pm then the time of her death would be different. In murder cases all it can take is one little detail to change the whole trial and if this fact was brought up in the trial then maybe Adnan would’ve been found not guilty.not guilty

With cases like these when the boyfriend get mad at his girlfriend we tend to always blame the boyfriend because they tend to be more aggressive than the girlfriend. That’s why when hearing the back story of the case I couldn’t help but think that he is guilty. Plus to add on to it all of the stories from the news conferences were making it obvious that Adnan did it and there wasn’t enough evidence to prove that he didn’t do it. But after reading that article on it changed my mind about this whole case. I think that Adnan should get a retrial because this information wasn’t brought up during the trial and it could change the juries decision of Adnan being guilty. My final decision is that Adnan isn’t guilty for the murder of Hae Min Lee.

Work Cited

McDonell-Parry, Amelia. “‘Serial’: How Adnan Syed Could Win His Retrial.” Rolling Stone. N.p., 18 July 2016. Web. 11 June. 2017.


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