Serial is one of the first podcasts I fully listened to personally, and I can honestly say that I enjoyed listening to it. I have listened to music podcasts but this is the first non-music podcast that I have fully listened to. Usually with assignments like these where we have to listen or read a lengthy article I have a hard time getting into it. But with Serial I had no trouble getting into it.serial

I really enjoyed listening to the Serial podcast. It was a nice change in pace for me, I am used to reading just books or watching movies, listening to a podcast was like a breath of fresh air for me. Serial is about this murder case that took place and this lady, Sarah Koenig that is hosting the podcast made it exciting for me to listen to. The way Koenig is doing the podcast the listener is able to make their own opinion on who committed the murder. This is because she is almost doing it like a news report, interviewing people and presenting facts of the case to the listener for them to be able to make their own decision. When listening to other snip-its of other podcasts I always got the impression that they were boring and not fun to listen to. But when listening to Serial I was engaged and excited about listening to it. It was if time was flying by when listening to Serial, it didn’t feel like I was sitting here listening to it for almost an hour.

Having the investigation in this format makes it easier for the listener. Especially if they are on the go constantly they can download the podcast onto their phone and can listen to it on the way to work or when they go to the gym. A podcast is a much more convenient way of hearing information. Like I said at the beginning I listen to music podcasts and there are many other different types of podcasts, so I think that podcasts are going to be the future for news articles and stuff like that. But a lot of it has to do with the narrator as well. Sarah Koenig did an amazing job, she was treating this podcast almost as if it was a news segment on television. It made it fun for me to listen to and enjoy. After listening to Serial I can say that I will be looking for more podcasts like this one in the future. earbuds

A murder case is always a touchy subject especially for the victim’s family. I don’t think the victim’s family is to happy about this podcast becoming popular because I’m sure they don’t want the constant memory of this event. If it is becoming popular people will probably be approaching the family and asking them questions which they probably don’t want either. The podcast is also allowing the listeners to make judgmental comments about the family and they don’t need that happening to them after losing a child. I think that investigative journalism is an effective format but it can come at price for some people telling them something they don’t want to hear or in this case the constant reminder of the death of their child.

Personally I am not a fan of reading so listening to this podcast was an enjoyable experience for me. Like I mentioned before a benefit of having the text in this format makes is easy and accessible for the listener. You can take the podcast on the go with you and listen to it wherever you are. A podcast allows the reader to easily connect to what the narrator is talking about because the listener doesn’t have to try and imagine no bookseverything in their head. Instead the narrator in a podcast paints a picture for you and most of the time he/she isn’t the only voice you hear. Often they will bring in other people to talk on the podcast. For example on Serial Koenig interviewed people about the murder and she included those interviews in the podcast. But  the thing with podcasts if you want to go back and find a key point in the podcast you are going to have to rewind and try and find it. It is hard to be precise while rewinding as well so often I try to find the general area that I remember hearing the key point. But you could pause it as soon as you hear it, write down the time and come back to it later. I personally think that podcasts are better than books overall.

Koenig opens the podcast by discussing the challenges of memory. I find it is hard to try and remember everything that happened on a certain day from a while ago. The days that I remember from a long time ago are the days that something important that happened in my life that I will remember forever. But you can only pull from certain parts and not everything exactly that happened on that day. This makes it hard for the listener to believe that everything that is being said is true. Often when people don’t remember something they will make something up on the spot, then another person who was at the same spot in time tells another story it gets confusing. This raises the concern for the rest of the podcast episodes. If she is relying on the memory of these teenagers it is going to be hard to follow along and hear about what really happened in this murder case.

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3 thoughts on “The Future of Reading

  1. Hey Chris,
    Both of our blog posts had a lot of similarities. I too was surprised at how intriguing I found the podcast to be. Also, I agree that the parents most likely did not like the idea of this podcast and what you said about memory. I agree that in order to remember a certain day there has to be something significant that happens that day and even then, we can only remember certain vague things about a given day. I think this is because most of the days in our lives are so similar. Do you think there are other strategies to remember a certain day in the past?


  2. Hey Chris, I really enjoyed reading your blog.

    I agree that the fact Koenig is relying on the memory of a teenage girl from several years ago as an alibi weakens the strength of her investigation. I find that memories can blur very easily, and that it’s easy to mix up days if they were a while back. Of course, the fact that she was never called on as a witness in the first place by Syed’s lawyer is still rather suspicious. Do you think an alibi’s testimony loses value as time passes?


  3. Hey Chris! Great work on your blog, as someone who also usually doesn’t listen to podcast I felt this was a nice change up for me. I found it interesting how emotionally invested i got into the subject matter and how much the narrator carried the story so well. After we have both heard the podcast, what are your thoughts on Adnan’s guilt or innocence. I would love to hear your opinion! Overall, keep up the great work Chris!


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