Being a senior high school student I know on a personal level how tough it can be to plan your courses for grade 12 and even grade 11 depending on what you want to go into in post-secondary. But one the one that is automatically on your timetable is English.

When I first saw read the question “should grade 12 university English be a required course to be able to apply to university? ” It really made start to think, is it really necessary?

Reading the question really made me think because we have been told throughout high school that English is the one and only course must take all four years in order to graduate. But the reason they do that is so that all students can get into base courses in university. So, I have concluded that completing the grade 12 university English credit is necessary to be able to get into university courses.

Throughout high school students are being taught how to communicate properly within their courses they take. For example, in mathematics students are taught to always line up the equal signs vertically and to never have more than one eqbook-headual sign in an equation. In science, you are taught how to properly write formula reports, and in careers students are taught on how to construct a resume. In the English course through grade 9-12 students are taught how to properly write an essay, gather information from text and how to cite it properly. The skills that a student will learn in English will stay with them for whatever career path they decide to go down in the future.

The skills that is emphasized the most in the grade 12 English course is communication. If you have strong communication skills, you are already on the right foot on being successful in your University course.

For me on personal level getting my grade 12 English credit is necessary because I would like pursue a career in business. In the business world being able to communicate with my co-workers which is a crucial part of the business world. If you can communicate well with others you are going to build strong connections within the business world and that has proven to be super effective to successful. Another aspect is being able to write a business report for your company. Then when it comes to writing the business reports for you can apply the skills that you gained from the English curriculum for writing essays and apply some of those techniques to your report. But no matter what you decide to go into in post-secondary education, having that grade 12 English credit is going to be an important asset to being successful in post-secondary and in your job/career to decide to go into.

So successfully completing the grade 12 English credit will be extremely helpful in your overall development as a student but it will also give me access into university.

To sum everything up I believe that it is necessary to take grade 12 university English for students looking to go into post-secondary. Taking the course will provide the students with all the skills and information that are necessary for students to have in post-secondary.



One thought on “Is Grade 12 University English Necessary?

  1. Hey Chris I’m also reading Lullabies for little criminals. I really enjoyed your blog post and agreed with much of it. The big disagreement I had was your take on Jules being the hero. I found him to be an unfit father and the cause of much of babies problems. I do understand where you are coming from because i do believe Jules to actually care for baby but he has a bad way of showing. In the future what are your predictions for this novel?


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